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FP_BercziLindaEven as a child I knew that art is something I am very much interested in, so it was never a question to follow that path. However, I also knew my talents lied not in creating, but in organizing.
After receiving my degree in cultural organizing, I got a job at G13 Contemporary and Modern art Gallery, where I learned a lot about the profession and built a lot of connections. I realized my goal is to represent and popularize contemporary Hungarian art, more particularly fine art. In 2012, I started an event series called ‘Afternoon of Open Art Studios’ with the aim of bringing contemporary artists and their art to the art lover audience.
I’ve met plenty of talented artists through the years and made a lot of friends. I had a chance to observe them while they were creating, how a topic that currently concerned them unfolded, and I could see the whole course of the creation process. Now I’d like to reciprocate all the great experiences I got from art, by adding what I know: to acquaint them with others and to pass on the love of art. To this end, I organize exhibitions and other cultural programs for my artists, so they can become well-known and acknowledged both on a national and international level.

What I can offer:

• If you are interested in collecting art, but do not know where to start
• If you’d like a painting in your home/office that you’d enjoy living with, but do not know where to find it
• If you’re interested in fine art that would suit your hotel or restaurant
• If you wish to give your clients the special experience of visiting an art studio
• If you buy art and there is no one to professionally handle shipping and installation
• And/or any further questions regarding contemporary fine art

I am certain that living together with contemporary art on a daily basis makes our lives richer, moreover, it is an excellent investment. My aim is for today’s artists and collectors finding each other.

Linda Bérczi

L Art Management
+36 30 914 8442